Last month my wife and I took a long weekend trip to Wolf Creek Ski Resort near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to put the Polar Buff to test. Considering it would be early winter skiing I wasn’t sure if the Buff would come in handy but boy was I wrong. The winds blew all weekend and early morning temps were in the single digits — I was glad that I decided to bring them along.

If you’ve never seen a Buff then I should make you aware that there are 8-12 different ways that you can wear these things. I chose to use my as a combination neck gaiter and head cover. The Polar Buff consists of an 8” Polar Fleece section connected to 12” of wind blocking fabric with a seamless ‘sleeve’ to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

I’ve been wearing a helmet for the last 3-4 years while skiing and I never really liked how the helmet felt on my head when the cold wind blew through the vents in it, so I always wore a really thin cap under it. Now with the Buff, I was able to pull the elastic over my head and ears. The Fleece section of the Buff covered my neck area and served it purpose as a gaiter. The elastic part could even be pulled up over my mouth and nose if the conditions warranted – which was the case early in the mornings. I also liked the fact that the Buff is seamless so no bumps between the Buff and the inside of my helmet making it a comfortable combination. It was so comfortable that I wore the Buff all weekend, even when temps reached the 40’s. Another nice thing about the Buff is that is dries fast and has been treated to resist odors. Oh, and my wife used hers in the same fashion all weekend as well, enjoying the flexibility and warmth of the Buff.

How do you use your Buff? Comment below!

Steve @ACK