Back in January of 2011, we started hosting a seminar series that not only focused on paddling activities such as fishing and camping but also offered basic lessons and tips on where to go. The seminars were conducted at all three stores, typically on Sunday mornings, by both ACK staff members and invited guest speakers.

One of our favorite guest speakers, Joe Poole

We’ve had a lot of great feedback regarding these events but we’ve also learned a few things. For instance, many would be attendees requested a different day other than Sunday morning and others were hoping for a different time. This quarter, we decided to continue the series on Saturday mornings from 11am-12pm. This new schedule seems to make sense since most people are out and about shopping and running errands on Saturdays anyway. We will also host a variety of additional special events on other days and evenings.

We also obtained some feedback on seminar topics. This quarter, we introduced a few new ones including an intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding seminar in Houston, specific fish species fishing techniques in Austin, Whitewater paddling basics in San Marcos and how to rig and repair a kayak at all three stores.

To access our complete seminar and special event schedules by store, click on the following links or drop by and pick up a copy of our newsletter, ACK Paddler. The complete calendar is printed on the back page.

Austin Store:
San Marcos Store:
Houston Store:

Many of our blog readers are not from the area so if there is ever a topic you are specifically interested in and would like for us to film or write about it, please do let us know by commenting below.

Hope to see you there!

Roland @ACK