When I look at how far the sport of kayak fishing has grown over the years, it’s pretty downright amazing. Several years ago, when I would go kayak fishing, it was a treat to see a couple of fellow anglers towing around their plastic boats. Today, I routinely find over a dozen kayak anglers getting ready to launch in hopes of catching the big one. The same goes for offshore kayak fishing. We used to have a core group of about ten anglers getting together and launching from the beach at the first sign of good offshore paddling conditions. Now, I am not surprised to see twenty or even thirty convene. With so many people eager to get into the sport of offshore kayak fishing (or BTB – Beyond the Breakers), it’s imperative that there be a place to get information on the sport as well as find someone to guide them on what and what not to do.

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of conducting an offshore kayak fishing seminar at the ACK Houston location for a group that numbered just over ten. It was a fun crowd making it easy for me to conduct my presentation since I don’t typically have an easy time talking in front of larger groups of people. We covered a variety of topics that ranged from recommended kayaks to consider to the kind of gear that is best suited for offshore kayak fishing. The seminar was only slated for about an hour but lasted for two and half — not including the Q&A session. It was great talking about something that I am passionate about and when others showed just as much enthusiasm about the topic, it was easy to get lost in time and become immersed in the conversation.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend and you would like to get more info on this sport, feel free to come see me at the Houston ACK location and I will gladly take time out of my day to chat with you about offshore kayak fishing. We hope to see you at the next event and if you have any recommended topics that you’d like for us to cover in our seminar series, please comment below.

Jerron Wosel @ACK Houston