Over the past 5+ years ACK has been known for stellar communication on orders. Currently, when you place an order you get a confirmation email immediately — typically before the page finishes loading. Then we fire off an “Order Processed” email to let you know we have charged your credit card and that it is getting ready for shipment and finally, a “Shipped” email. This all sounds great but we have gotten so efficient at processing and shipping your orders that all three emails are being sent within an hour. We realize the short time span between emails, specifically the processed and shipped, may have actually caused some confusion.

To lighten the load of your email inboxes, eliminate any confusion and to ensure greater deliverability of emails, we are moving to a new system that will send just two emails if your order is shipping that day or three emails if the “Estimated Shipping” date is in the future.

Our guess is that most of you won’t even notice this change as the processed and shipped emails were delivered within minutes of each other anyway. However, we hope you appreciate one less email and the same wicked fast speed we’re known for.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Peter @ACK