While many of us are preparing to hit the road this weekend, some of us are focusing on how to enjoy the July 4th celebration at, or near home. Personally, I have yet to make solid plans due to a series of commitments but a friend of mine wanted for me to help lay out an inexpensive and uncomplicated weekend of paddling for him so thought I would share my suggestions here. Most of our blog readers are avid paddlers so you’ve probably already got it all figured out but for those of you that are unsure, this one’s for you!

First off, if you don’t already have a kayak or canoe, and if you live near any of our stores, I suggest you make rental reservations asap. If you don’t have access to a place that rents kayaks by the day, borrow or (ahem) buy one! In fact, try to obtain 2-3 of them to share with your friends and family or have them get their own. Paddling alone is a relaxing experience but getting together with a group can be a load of fun.

Watch the Fireworks from a Kayak!

Saturday – Enjoy a day with your friends and family.
If you live near a lake or river get a group of friends and family together, set up a day use picnic area and dock the boats on the shoreline for everyone to use at their leisure. It’s not only a great opportunity to keep your group entertained and keep cool but may help introduce paddling to those that have yet to give it a whirl. If it’s as hot as it is here, you’ll want to make sure you keep your food and drinks cold with a quality cooler and should consider setting up a tarp for shade.

Sunday – Take a break from it all.
After a long day of spending time with family and friends take some time for yourself. Get up before sunrise to enjoy a peaceful paddle on your favorite river or lake. Take your camera for some awesome sunrise photo opportunities and don’t forget your fishing pole. You’ll feel nice and refreshed, and depending on how much paddling you did, may burn off some of the calories you absorbed the day before.

Monday – Enjoy the fireworks from your kayak!
Unfortunately for us the hot and dry conditions have resulted in a ban of firework displays, hopefully this is not the case in your area. Have you ever watched fireworks from a kayak? It truly is an exhilarating experience. You’ll not only enjoy a different perspective but you’ll be able to steer away from the crowds. Pack up your dinner and arrive early to enjoy the sunset before the show.  You’ll never want to watch another fireworks display from land again. Of course keep a safe distance!

Now doesn’t that sound like a good time? I think it does. In fact, after making these suggestions to my friend, I’m starting to think that I should cancel my prior commitments and do the same.

What do you have planned? Share it with us by commenting below. Be safe and have fun!


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