If you’ve purchased products from AustinKayak.com within the last several months, you may have been surprised when your order arrived, by what appeared to be a box of Girl Scout Cookies. However, after spotting the ACK “Ugly Box” sticker and shipping label, you quickly realized it was not a box of tasty cookies but rather the products you ordered from us. Fact is, most products small enough to fit into those boxes were and are still being shipped in those boxes so we thought it might be a good idea to give you a little insight as to how all this came about.

At ACK, we strive to do our part when it comes to sustainability and are always looking for new ways to improve upon this. In 2009, ACK was awarded the City of Austin’s Solid Waste Services WasteSmart award for workplace accomplishments in reducing waste, re-using packaging and buying recycled products. You’ll find we keep very few trashcans in our warehouse. Instead, you are more likely to find labeled boxes that contain plastic bags, foam, paper and plastic sheets, stacks of cardboard and boxes, rolls of bubble wrap and a variety of other materials that can either be reused or recycled. It all starts when we receive inbound shipments. We make sure that we are able to save as much as possible so that we can reuse those materials for shipping your orders.

Amongst this plethora of reusable materials are mountains of those Girl Scout Cookie boxes. This all started about two years ago when we were running low on shipping boxes and Amy, ACK’s Office Manager, brought a load of boxes that her troop had been collecting. The following year Amy asked the service unit and council if they’d like to donate all leftover boxes and they happily agreed, especially since they promote recycling and sustainability to their scouts. It was a great fit! Amy offered to pick up the boxes but many were folks were so happy to learn about the program that they just started bringing loads of boxes to our warehouse. Amy’s 11-year old daughter was central Texas’ top selling scout with over 3,000 cookie boxes sold, congratulations Isabel! With that kind of volume you can imagine the amount of reusable boxes that were delivered to us over the course of the season.

So, next time you get a Girl Scout cookie box, don’t worry, you won’t need to figure out how to hide them for yourself, its probably just cool outdoor gear from ACK!