A scene from the Austin Demo Days

Ahh, ACK kayak demo days, they can be a logistical nightmare but at the end of the day every ounce of energy that is poured into the planning and execution of the event is well worth it from every perspective and we hope that for those of you that attended, you would agree!

Now, we do realize that a large percentage of our website visitors are out of state. If you are a fan of our Facebook page or follow Twitter you probably got sick and tired of hearing about our demo days and getting teased with a variety of pictures and videos but we just can’t help it. It’s probably the most exciting, educational and fulfilling event we organize so we must tell the world! The good news is that this is probably the last time you’ll hear about our demo days at least for a few months.

The Expedition School conducting a beginner paddle lesson.

But before we put a final note on all this, we have to extend a big thank you to all the vendors, representatives, volunteers, speakers and ACK employees for helping make this one of our most successful events ever. More importantly, we must thank all of the attendees for joining us this year. We experienced record attendance and because of your feedback from previous years, we were able to make some changes to provide a more convenient and pleasant experience for everyone.

Some of these changes included a more streamlined pricing structure and presentation, more staff on hand and additional off-the-water educational clinics. One clinic in particular that seemed to have garnered a lot of interest was our beginners paddling class before each demo day. We noticed that many people were intimated by the idea of trying out a bunch of kayaks because they didn’t know how to paddle so we thought these would help break the ice, so to speak. I could go on and on about all of our clinics, boats that were on the water and so on but instead, I’ll close this blog with a link to a short demo day clip we put together here.

Thanks again and we hope to see you next time!