A few months back I made a challenge to our blog readers to get out of their comfort zone and try participating in an event that they might not do very well in but that they would enjoy. For example, triathlons, mountain biking, adventure races, canoe and kayak races or even a fishing tournament. This weekend I’m putting my money where my mouth is and will be taking part in my first fishing tournament ever.

I will be teeing off tomorrow morning with 35 other anglers in an attempt to snag some bass out on Lake Georgetown in the Kayak Angler Tournament Series or better known as KATS. This event is hosted by AustinKayakFishing.com, a forum and online portal dedicated to the sport of fishing here in central Texas of which ACK is also a sponsor!

What makes this a challenge for me is that I am not an expert angler by any stretch of the imagination.  The last time I wet a fishing line I almost drowned just east of Austin at Decker Lake. Some of you might remember this story from one of my previous email newsletter articles — funny now, but a scary experience. A few weeks ago I checked my schedule and noticed that I had an opening and a very understanding wife who was totally cool with me taking some time to go fishing even though I need to be working on our new deck.

I have to say, I’m pretty excited about tomorrow morning even though I’m feeling a little under the weather. I had lunch yesterday with my unofficial fishing instructor, none other than Ranch Road’s Trey Webb, who guided me through what to expect tomorrow and where I should fish. I stopped by his house and he showed me several rods and reels that he had along with piles of lures and soft plastics. He was generous enough to share some of his gear with me since I really don’t have much myself. We discussed what to cast first and when to implement the backup plan. We talked about a few solid setups to use and laid out a pretty detailed plan of attack. I fully intend to follow his instruction in detail since he had trophies all over the place.

Tonight I’m going to set up a Hobie Pro Angler that I pulled out of the Austin store’s rental fleet and load it with my gear so I can pull it right out of the bed of my truck at the launch ramp at 8am.  I have my ACK Team Jersey ready to go along with my waterproof pants.  The coffee maker will be set and my lunch will be packed.  While I have visions of going crazy like Mike Laconelli with every catch, the reality is that I probably won’t catch a single fish as I’ve done soooo many times before.  However, I know that bad days of fishing from a kayak are still better than a good day of working.
Check in on our Facebook page as I update my progress throughout the morning and please, wish me luck!