Editor’s Note: At ACK, we value our customer’s opinions about all the products we sell. You’ll find over 8000 product reviews provided by our customers. Occasionally, we receive in-depth reviews that we think are worth sharing via this blog. The great thing about these product reviews is that they are unbiased. While it’s easy for us to rave about a product we sell, our customers always say like it is. This particular review highlights one of our very own branded products, the ACK Anchor Trolley — a must have for any kayak angler or paddler that utilizes an anchor. Anchor trolleys consist of several simple parts that are mounted to the side of your kayak enabling you to adjust the position of your anchor from bow to stern.

The ACK Anchor Trolley has been a part of my arsenal for about 3 months now and I am convinced that it is a must-have addition to any angler’s kayak. The main reason is because as a kayak angler I need better control of how I position my kayak when anchored for optimal casting. This is especially true when dealing with strong winds or if I’m anchored in an area with a current. I realized that I needed one after a trip on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. The wind was blowing strong from the west and was not letting me hold my position for proper casting. I “jerry rigged” the anchor off my kayak handle which was not ideal because I was basically facing the wrong direction resulting in me not being able to maintain a good casting position. The area was producing good fishing and like any kayak angler, once you find the fish you want to stay on the bite until it’s gone! Needless to say, I bought an anchor trolley that very next day.

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PROS: The ACK Anchor Trolley operates smoothly, is easy to use and is somewhat easy to install with few tools. I am happy to say that the anchor trolley has done everything I’ve needed it to do.

CONS: The instructions did not specify the install location of the pulleys on each end and instructions on how to use the product would be nice. However, after reading other users reviews and experiences online I was able to get it installed and quickly put it to use. (Note: Since this review, a new set of instructions in colored detail are shipped with each package explaining use and exact install position of the pulleys.)

Darrin F. – ACK Customer


  1. I installed an anchor trolley on my Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 Solo and find it to be a very useful tool when fishing in current or slight wind. The only improvement that I made over the factory installation instructions was to add a small loop of bungee from the anchor ring to the first hook. This bungee keeps my trolley lines always tight. Some fishermen prefer to add a bungee loop at the pulley but I have found the loop at the ring to be easy to install and very effective in keeping the trolley tight at all times.