A simple anchor float is rarely an item of discussion when talking about paddling gear. However when kayaking on a less than perfect day it can really save you from losing your gear, especially if you are in a kayak in less-than-perfect conditions.


Point in case:

Recently I was kayak fishing one or our coastal bays facing 20 mph+ winds and made the amateur mistake of forgetting to check my drain plug. I quickly found my kayak sinking while anchored in deep water. I wanted to avoid a bad situation so I unhooked and flung the anchor rope off my kayak and made a mad dash to an Oyster bank and drained the water from my boat.  It was then I realized that finding my anchor rope would be next to impossible. This was exactly the issue. With no anchor rope in sight, combined with the high winds, I was forced to leave my honey hole with the fish still biting. If only I had an anchor float I could have continued fishing and not been obligated to buy a new anchor and rope. I also lost the fishing spot before I could mark it on my GPS.

When I purchased my new anchor system, I decided to add an anchor float. At only $4.99, it’s an investment worth its value when you compare it to the $25 plus you’ll spend on a new anchor system.

Once again, I found myself back out on the water on a less than perfect weather day. I felt comfortable knowing that I wouldn’t loose my anchor this time. I also found the perfect alternate use for it. I was anchored in fairly deep water and realized when I was pulling up my anchor I was pulling my kayak against the current and in doing so I was getting soaked with cold December water. To avoid getting soaked I would just un-cleat my anchor line and make a U-turn to retrieve my anchor positioning the bow of my kayak into the current and use the rocker of my boat to absorb the waves thus staying dry and of course, not losing my anchor.

By using an anchor float I don’t have to worry about loosing my anchor and I am even able to stay dryer and when Mother Nature is against me. I highly recommend these floats to anyone who finds themselves using any type of anchor. It can save you from having to replace costly gear and will help you enjoy paddling with fewer headaches.

Do you have any alternate uses for your anchor float? We want to know! Leave some comments below.

Grant Heatherly
Store Associate
ACK – San Marcos