Why you should paddle more in 2011

Happy New Year! We hope that 2010 was a great year for you and that 2011 welcomes you with an even better year. We can’t complain here at ACK and are very thankful for that. We had another excellent year and contribute it all to you. As we quickly dive into 2011, we find ourselves surrounded with week after week of boat shows,  Demo Day planning and of course preparing for another dynamic spring paddling season. Yep, things never slow down here at ACK. However, while we do love our work we also like to play and in 2011, it’s going to be our goal to get out and paddle more — we encourage each and every one of you to do the same!

According to several reports published in 2010, recreational kayaking has been, and continues to be, one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in the nation, and for good reason. It continues to be affordable, it’s always fun, it’s convenient, it can be healthy and most importantly, it brings families and friends together. Let’s take a few steps back and elaborate on these points a bit to remind ourselves why we all enjoy paddling and why we should get out and do it more often.

It’s still affordable – Despite an increase in manufacturing costs, kayaks prices have remained fairly stable. You’ll also find that almost every manufacturer now offers affordable entry level models. Whether you’ve been toying with the idea that you want to get into paddling or think you may need a second, third or even fourth kayak, there is no reason to why you couldn’t find something within your budget. Compared to other watercraft, kayaking is still considered to be some of the most affordable watersports to engage in and the amount of accessories you need to buy are minimal.

It’s always fun – There is no question about it, people enjoy paddling. Whether you are out to experience a peaceful paddle alone, take on the surf, cast a line or traverse some rapids you are setting yourself up for a great time.

It’s convenient – Another advantage compared to other watersports is how quickly you can be on the water, especially if you live close to a lake, pond or river. If you already have your gear stored in your kayak, all it  takes is a few minutes to load it up and once you reach your destination, you typically don’t have to wait in line to launch — just go!

It’s healthy – If you are like most people, getting fit is your number one new years resolution. It may be difficult to get out right now due to weather but why not set yourself up for a paddling fitness program this spring? Unlike running on hard pavement or riding a stationary bike in noisy and crowded gym, paddling provides a non-impact, relaxing and enjoyable workout. Here is a recommended read for those thinking about using a kayak for fitness.

It brings family and friends together – Another resolution that many will try to follow through with is to spend more time with their families and friends. Setting up weekend or day paddle trips will not only encourage you to spend more time with them but will also create unforgettable experiences for everyone involved. Not everyone has a kayak so consider adding another one as a backup, send them over to ACK or remind them that rentals are always an option. So as you begin to plan your adventures for 2011 make sure you include those that you want to spend more time with.

Now we know that you already knew all this but it’s easy to take things for granted and thought we’d offer this pleasant reminder of why we all enjoy paddling so much. On that note, we want to know why YOU enjoy paddling. Email us your reasons (First Name, Location and Reasons) and we’ll be sure to publish them in next month’s newsletter.

Have a great 2011 — get out and paddle more!