Sign Just Outside the ACK Kustomer Service Office

Our Kustomer Service team has recently grown again and with that came an idea. Our customers always say that at ACK our Kustomer Service is different and stands above the rest. That’s when I realized that we should be calling it Kustomer Service.  Why Kustomer service with a “K”?

Well aside from being different, it isn’t rare for people to replace a “C” with a “K” in a name. For instance, Tastykakes (Philly fans understand) does it, in college we had CampusKuts (hair cut place) and of course there is Krispy Kreme. Then there’s the obvious — we sell Kayaks, but there is another reason we could, and possibly should, spell our Kustomer Service with a “K”. In honor of our employees. Anyone that has been around longer than a year knows that Kate was the original face of our customer service team. Then, last year, we added Kyle (he’s also our unofficial product model) and just recently, we added Kyle. Yes, another Kyle — we’ll be highlighting him in a future issue of our newsletter.

So for all the reasons mentioned above, Kustomer Service it is!

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