Occasionally, we think it’s best to let photos speak for themselves. Amy, ACK’s Office Manager, took her family out to Inks Lake State Park in central Texas for a fall weekend camping trip and was nice enough to share some photos of her experiences. Looks like it was a beautiful day out there Amy. Want to share your adventure here on the ACK blog? Email us!

My husband preparing to wet his line.

The leaves were still turning making for a great backdrop.

Who says big brothers are mean to their little sisters? They conquered this island and named it "their island".

Waiting to see how long it takes for my husband to notice he was dragging my son. Drift anchor?

Wind or no wind, she kept up with the big boys.

Teenagers don't mind the cold. "Mom, when can I get in?"

Despite what you may think, he wasn't the camp cook, he just played with all the cookware.

Thought this was a great angle of my daughter and son returning to shore.