San Marcos Store

We raved about new enhancement and updates to our website in this recent article and through other social media outlets but what about our physical stores? As you may know, we have 3 brick and mortar locations (Houston, Austin and San Marcos, Texas) and are always looking for ways to make your shopping experience a more enjoyable one. Here are a few improvements that are currently being implemented and a few that you can expect to see through the end of 2010.

Austin Location
For those of you that last visited our store over a year ago will notice that we completely renovated the showroom. Well, expect another reorganization soon. While this is not as a dramatic of a change as last year, we are focusing on creating more floor space to accommodate our ever-growing camping gear and apparel categories. We are also making space to showcase more whitewater kayaking accessories than we have in the past.

Houston Location
Ok, maybe it’s not the newest of news but the Houston store now has air conditioning! Houston can be uncomfortable in the summertime with temperatures in the high 90s and even worse 95% humidity. You can now expect a more comfortable shopping experience. I must also mention that we recently hired Travis as a new store associate. He is an avid kayaker and working to get his Masters Degree at the University of Houston. Word on the street is that he owns two Wilderness Tarpons. Welcome aboard Travis!

All Three Store Locations Update:
Reusable Bags – One of the things we pride ourselves on is our focus to maintain an “eco-friendly” business environment. Last year, ACK won the “WasteSMART” award from the City of Austin, which honors those that have focused efforts to reduce waste and buy recycled products. In conjunction with the folks at we are now offering these reusable shopping bags for your shopping convenience. We will be selling them at the stores for 99¢ or you can get one for free when you spend $50 or more.

Calendar of Events – We are currently working on a Calendar of Events for all 3 stores. This means that you can expect to see a variety of in-store events happening soon. Things like brand specific seminars to off-the-water training classes. These classes will be offered on a periodic basis and we’ll be posting a calendar soon so check  back in a few weeks.

Rigged Boat Reference Guide

Rigged Boat Display – We’ve had them in the past but this one will have it all! We are working on a kayak display with a diverse variety of accessories installed. It’s so much easier to understand how a product works and is installed when it is actually on a kayak.

Store Specific Pages – Another thing you can expect to see soon are web pages dedicated to each store. The idea is to create a portal that regional customers can visit for information relevant to their local store. Expect to see news, events, used boat specials, kayak rental fleet and store-specific promotions.

ACK Paddler – Our very own printed quarterly publication. That is all I can say for now.

This is just a small preview of some things you can look forward to in the near future. I invite you to drop by one of our stores soon and, as always, if you have any feedback that will help enhance your in-store or online shopping experience, drop me a note!