With the ACK Demo Days just a few days past, I’ve turned my attention to my next event of the month.  Our semi-annual ACK Demo Days are our biggest events of the year, however the National Hunting and Fishing Day event held the week after the Austin Demo Day is just as important to me.

The National Hunting and Fishing Day was set up to introduce kids to the outdoors. This free event has been going nation wide every 4th Saturday of September since 1972.  The event allows citizens to join with outdoor sportsmen in the wise use of our natural resources and it allows kids the opportunity to toss a fishing line out in the water, shoot a BB gun at a paper target, pull back the string of a bow on a fake deer a few yards away, and learn how to kayak for the first time in their young lives.

With the Houston and San Marcos Demo Day both occurring on the same day as the NHFD I knew I would have a lot of work to do being short staffed but I was up for the challenge. For five hours last Saturday I taught kayak basics to between a hundred and two hundred kids, and watched their faces go from being frightened of being on a kayak by themselves for the first time ever, to laughing and smiling asking to go again and again once their turn was over.

Our booth at the event was by far the busiest, keeping a constant line of eager youths and their parents waiting their turn. I would definitely say this kids event was a complete success and I look forward to participating in more events like this in the future.

Justin Fees
ACK Austin Store Manager