I’m a big guy… I weigh 290 lbs. That being said, finding a kayak to fit me limits my choices a bit.

I can honestly tell you that whatever the listed weight capacity for a kayak, you want it to be at about 2/3 of that when you take into account your weight and the weight of your gear and other accessories. I need a kayak that has a weight capacity of 400 lbs minimum. Otherwise, instead of water draining out of the scupper holes, the water tends to come up and in through the holes. The kayak will still hold up to the weight capacity, but it’s gonna be a wet and possibly unstable ride.

For us larger set body styles, check out kayaks with 400 lbs or more weight capacity.  Some fine examples include the Feel Free Moken 10 and the Moken 10 Angler, Wilderness Systems Ride 135, Ocean Kayak Trident Series, Hobie Outback, and the Malibu Kayaks Stealth 12 & 14. I’ve paddled all of these kayaks and they work well for a guy my size. Finding a sit inside kayak is even more difficult, and finding a freestyle or play boat is nearly impossible.

One other important aspect to consider is where you sit in a kayak. I’m top heavy, if I sit in a kayak with a high positioned seat, it’ll seem a bit “tippier” to me.  I prefer to sit pretty low since this balances out my center of gravity, making me feel much more stable and comfortable.

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  1. I’m probably pushing the limits, but while on my pursuit to loose weight, I’m interested in kayak fishing. Mostly lakes and small reservoir.
    I’m 350lbs. Any recommendations for a fellow like me or would I be pushing the limits.
    I actually thought the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 would be good, but then I heard about bailing weight consideration.

    Your thoughts? Advice or suggestion?

    1. Hey Tim, thanks for reaching out! I would recommend getting a kayak with a weight capacity near 500lbs. 400lbs would be just fine but you’ll want to consider how much gear you will have on board. With body weight + gear, we recommend still having close to 100 lbs of capacity left. This will help with stability and paddling performance.

  2. I’m a big 280 lbs too. I am looking for a tandem kayak so that I can take my wife with me. Are there any kayaks that carry 600 lbs?What would you recommend for an occasional river and lake paddler ?

  3. Great Post, The Perception Sport Striker 11.5 Angler Kayak has a limit of 500 lbs, it runs between $475 and $550. From what I read, its very stable, but doesn’t track that well, but hey, for the price you could manage!

    Stay Well All!

  4. excellent post. I’m a bigger guy stout frame 265/270lbs. moken 10 seems to fit what I’m looking for. easy to carry and transport in truck and still have some room left over. use will be freshwater,rivers/lakes. I do believe the woman will like this a lot.

  5. I just want to say thank you for this post. I’m a girl scout, a college student, and I have previously loved canoeing but a boat that size is just too much to handle on my own. I was searching google for a kayak my size and I found this post, your blog, and the ACK online store. I can’t thank you enough for how informational and helpful your sites have been in my selection of a kayak. I live in New Jersey so I’ll be buying my feel free moken 10 standard online but I really felt the need to say thank you for the exceptional experience that I’ve had with your company, even from afar.