Seven thousand reviews. That’s a big number when you consider the time it takes a person to write a few sentences about a product they’ve purchased. For the sake of entertainment, let’s just say it takes a person an average of 5 minutes to submit a product review — that would equate to a total of 35,000 minutes or just over 583 hours. Yep, big numbers no matter how you look at it.

The reality is, it’s not so much about the big numbers. It’s about the fact that you, our customer, is helping us shape our product offering to provide a better shopping experience for everyone.

Your satisfaction is key to the success of our business and we sincerely want to know your opinions about the products we sell. There is no sense is keeping inventory that you don’t enjoy and it also helps us determine what products are better fit for our customers. It also gives us an opportunity to relay information to the manufacturers because just like us, they are always looking to improve their product offering. While we try our best to demo our own products, it’s always the customers that puts them through the true test.

For those of you that are not sure how to submit your own review, simply select the product (example) of choice, click the “Customer Reviews” tab at the bottom of the page and click the “Write a Review” button.

We can’t thank you enough for contributions.

Roland Jimenez