DEMO Days are back in Austin! An event that is worth getting excited about has built anticipation throughout a long summer. The cool Friday rain dampened the ground and cooled the air for a great weekend at the Quarries Lake, where over 80 boats line the soggy bank ready to hit the water and tell their story.  In sharing my favorite aspect of this weekend, I must confess that I am sitting on the sidelines due to a recent hip surgery that has left me crutching around (a mode of transport unsuitable to navigating the rocky, boat laden shore line of the Quarries Lake).

What I enjoy the most will be relayed through second-hand accounts, passed on to me by those who witnessed first-hand the unfolding of each match between kayaker and kayak.  I will certainly miss having my hand in the process, but it will suffice to hear how each kayak was chosen.  For some, it’s in the details and takes very meticulous reasoning to find the perfect yak for their particular use. For others, it’s simply a matter of color, or whether or not their 80 lb lab will fit in the stern tankwell.  And some do not care much about anything except that the kayak will take a beating and get them on the water!

That’s what I enjoy. The process of thinning out the choices and finding the right kayak for the right person–something that happens more often at ACK DEMO Days than any place else. That is also what I will miss as a sideline spectator to the Fall 2010 DEMO Days. Can’t wait ’til spring!

Robert Cotten
ACK Austin Store