I’m amazed at how far we have come on the eve of my umpteenth demo day.  I still remember the first demo at the Austin Rowing Center.  Steve and I blocking traffic on the busy Street in front of Austin High school.  We hand unloaded each boat off our trailer and walked them through the woods to the dock area.  We would dodge runners, bikers and very determined women pushing tank like strollers wearing angry looking shades and iPods.

We could only take 14 boats to the water that day.  It was a mess.  Steve and I sat there just wondering if anyone would even show up.  It went ok that first time but it laid the foundation of what is an unbelievable event.  Today we have over 70 kayaks to demo, vendors from all over the country, a chef preparing food, dozens of employees and customers lined up at the water.  It’s a funny feeling that what was once a fly by night 1 day event has become a 2 weekend festival that takes months of planning.  Pretty cool.

Now all it needs is YOU!  Come on out and say hello (and paddle a couple dozen kayaks).