Unfortunately I’ve never been open water sea kayaking…but paddling our local rivers has made me appreciate knowing what direction I’m headed…especially when working off a chart.  While we have a number of kayak compass options, we just started carrying the new Suuntu Orca – Pioneer kayak compass that can be moved from kayak to kayak with either the included bungee cords or it can be mounted to the boat.

I’ve got one sitting here in my office and it’s nice quality piece of equipment.  If you need a kayak compass solution that you can move from boat to boat, this is a solid option to consider.

The Suunto Orca – Pioneer compass easily mounts to any kayak with a deck line or with mount plate.  Simply attach the compass with the bungee cords and clips or mount the mount place, and keep yourself on track even while navigating far from shore.  Encased in a durable waterproof, thermoplastic housing to withstand severe weather and rough conditions.

  • Shockproof capsule
  • Waterproof
  • Bungee cords & clips included
  • Mount plate included

Clayton Clabaugh