This past week we had a few older kayaks brought in to get some minor work done.  You know, fix a few handles, replace a couple of padeyes, nothing too involved.  When these boats came in to the store you would think they were made of gold the way all the employees gathered around them.  There is just something cool about an older kayak that has that little something unique about it that we don’t see anymore.

This week we had an Aquaterra Prism, a Tarpon 16, and a 2004 Ocean Prowler 13 that was cloud color.  Both the Prism and the Tarpon had the old school layout of rear hatches instead of tank wells.  It is a salesman’s dream to have an original Tarpon 16 in the store when you have a customer looking to buy a new Tarpon 160.  It’s like selling a new truck and having a customer roll up in ’78 model and claiming he would never buy any other brand but the one you’re selling. Well I got lucky that day and the owner of the old Tarpon 16 talked himself and my customer into a new Tarpon 160.

Now for the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13.  This kayak was amazing…it looked brand new.  I have never seen a 6-year old kayak that looked this good.  The kayak looked like it had been stored in a time capsule.  The customer said he had used it but it was hard to believe.  I almost wanted to ask him if he had considered writing a guide on how to maintain a kayak.  We ended up fabricating a rudder bracket for his kayak and installing a Wilderness rudder on it.  The only holes we drilled in the kayak were for the tubing which honestly, I felt guilty about having to do.   It was like drilling a hole in a classic car’s dash to install a new CD player.

Going forward we will take pictures of some of these older kayaks we see and post them up in the store and to our Flickr Page to share with others.  I guess we are all just kayak junkies at heart.

Got a classic kayak?  Visit our Flickr Page and upload a picture of it.  We’d love to see it!

ACK Houston Store Manager