Damaged Hull

This  summer we have seen some of the most interesting damaged kayaks.  We had a almost new boat that fell off the back of a truck and was dragged down the highway removing 3 inches of keel.  Another kayak that was hung from the ceiling by its bow and stern handles (really bad idea), which resulted in the rear handle and a big chunk of the kayak being ripped out. Then we saw a composite Sea Kayak that was bent in half after the bow line was run over while the kayak was mounted to the roof of the owners car.

The amazing thing is that all of these boats were repairable and back on the water within days of being damaged.  No matter how much we abuse our kayaks they always seem to bounce back.  Whether we drag them to the water, store them improperly, or have some unfortunate transporting accident, the resiliency of kayaks separate them from any other piece of equipment that an outdoor enthusiast owns.

So keep after it and see if some one can destroy “The Unsinkable Kayak ” beyond repair.  If you have any kayak mishap stories, please let us know.  Sharing pictures would be great.

ACK Houston – Store Manager


  1. We had 2 Perception Caspia boats atop a Jeep Cherokee traveling at 65 mph. I heard a funny tapping noise, looked in the mirror, and saw both boats and the roof rack sailing off into the background. The only damage to the boats was an abraded shock cord. VERY sturdy hull material.

  2. I had a mishap when we first got our kayaks. We were loading the kayaks after our afternoon outing and as we loaded one it somehow slid off the roof and broke off the driverside mirror. More damage to vehicle than to kayak though.