Bungee Paddle Leash

I can’t tell you how many times I cringe when I see kayakers not using a paddle leash.  It just seems to me that a paddle leash should be a mandatory item to have; it’s like riding a bike without a helmet.  I have a paddle leash attached to each one of my kayaks.

Until I discovered paddle leashes, the thought of using them never crossed my mind.   When paddling down the San Marcos River I always made sure I wore my life vest so if I flip when going down the chutes, the only items I had to hold onto were my paddle and kayak.   Now with the aid of the paddle leash, I only hold onto the kayak if that happens.

For just a few dollars you’re ensuring that your paddle won’t float away if you happen to drop it.  It’s great for fisherman as well.  Feeling that jerk on the line and not having to worry about placing your paddle away before you begin to reel in your intended catch is a nice luxury to have.

Parents kayaking with small children have been known to drop paddles to ensure their child’s safety.   A paddle leash will make it so you don’t have to save the paddle along with your child.  Anyone who hits choppy water knows what I’m talking about when it comes to making sure your paddle is attached to the boat.  Check out our Bungee Paddle Leash and our Coiled Paddle Leash that we have available so that you won’t be stuck on the water without a paddle.

Assistant Manager
ACK – San Marcos