NRS DuraSoft Cooler

I don’t know why but as soon as my kayak hits the water and I climb in, I’m parched.  A cooler ice chest is a necessity for kayaking – especially longer kayaking trips.  They hold the sodas, the fish, and sometimes, when appropriate the adult beverage.  I’m the type of guy who gulps down 4-5 glasses of water at a restaurant before our meal even gets to the table.  One bottle of water does not suffice for an hour or two of paddling.

Soft-shelled outdoor ice chest coolers such as the Dura Soft Cooler and the NRS 30 Can Cooler fit great in the tank well on kayaks.  These coolers can hold a large number of drinks and ice.  I personally, wouldn’t mix my drinks and fish in the same cooler – I’d use a Catch Cooler bag for the fish.

Hard shelled covered ice chest coolers sometimes don’t fit right, or they are too bulky to fit on a kayak.  I don’t know how many times I get asked if the tank wells are molded to fit a specific model cooler – they aren’t.  Some coolers will fit, some won’t. One in particular that may work well is the Yeti  Roadie 15 qt. or Yeti Roadie 25 qt. If one of these will work, your food and drinks will stay cold for a week.

So when you go out with family and friends, don’t forget the ice chest cooler to hold your food and beverages.

Assistant Manager
ACK – San Marcos