We have recently added a bunch of new Clearance and Closeout kayaks to our Outlet (you can see the full list here: http://bit.ly/bGr7fp

When looking at this list it made me think about something we are often asked, “What is the difference between Closeout and Clearance?”

I thought I would take a moment and define these terms as we use them as it can be confusing, as I am sure others use them quite differently.

Closeout: This is a discontinued kayak and/or kayak color.  We are selling off the remaining stock and the manufacturer is not making it either now, or in the future.
Clearance: This is a kayak and/or kayak color that we have chosen to no longer carry as a “stock” item.  It doesn’t mean that the manufacturer isn’t making it, we are just making room for something else.

Now, this brings up a second question we get.  Why don’t you carry product “X”.  I could dedicate an entire blog to this question, but, the short answer is that we have limited space in our stores and in our warehouse, we have to choose models and colors and if we want to pick up a model we may have to eliminate a less popular one.  Of course there are many other reasons that could drive a decision but like I said, that would take up an entire blog.

So, if you want to save quite a bit on some incredible kayaks, check out the outlet and act fast, in some cases we have just one left.