This past weekend I was attending a conference with small business leaders and I was asked repeatedly why someone would shop at ACK as opposed to any other larger retailer.   This question is easy to answer, Customer Service.  But it really got me thinking.  Why do people love ACK?  Customer Service is definitely it but what goes into Customer Service that makes us so much different.

So, I set out pondering how/why we are so different and one item that came to mind instantly was our product reviews.   While I write this we are advertising 1,506 products on our website, that isn’t really a secret, you can see a counter here:

So what, we have 1,506 products, that isn’t all that unique.  But what is unique is that we have 4,673 reviews, that means we have close to 3.1 reviews for every product (that is an average of course).   This really does make me proud!  This isn’t something that ACK is doing, this is what you, the customer is doing for our customers.

So, if you step back and ask, “Why ACK?”, well, it is really our customers that make us, us.  You shop with us, you share your experiences and thus make the shopping that much better.  So, from all of us at ACK, this is a great big thanks for all those that have click the product follow email links and wrote a product review!

Since I was so excited to see how many reviews we have we have added a counter to our home page.

— Peter


  1. You also have good prices….

    and yeah maybe 1506 products doesn’t seem all that special to you… but I challenge you to find most of those 1506 products locally to me… and figure out how to figure out which place is the one that has it and go get it without consuming any time or any gas. (you have free shipping… I get 18 MPG max and gas is like $3/gal.. closest kayak place is 25 miles from my house and smaller than my condo once you ignore the kayak storage area.)

    You guys rock… take credit where credit is due