Last week was a very interesting week and it has caused me a bit of reflection.  You see, much like our customers (you) deal with us we have vendors where we are their Customers.  The roles are reversed for us, we go from the typical role of Retailer with Customers to Customer relying on Vendors.

This reversal in roles this week has reminded me a good lesson, keeping the door shut.  This is more of a mythical door than a real door.  You see, every day we provide service to our Customers, when that service is good and what they expect they are happy, but when you do something wrong or treat them wrong then they start looking around, they start seeking alternatives.

Thus, when we do something wrong we open the door to losing the customer.  It reminded me that we have to stay on our toes and remember everything we do could have a major negative consequence.  It was an important reminder for me and the ACK approach must always been the customer first and always be ready to move the ship where ever it needs to go, no matter what it takes.