One of the biggest fears of customers when ordering online is the protection of their information.  This protection is something we take very serious.

The first portion is simple, our privacy policy is very strong, we do not share your information with any third party in any way, especially email addresses, these are guarded like Fort Knox.   The only exception to the sharing of information is with respect to drop ships from manufacturers where we provide them your shipping information ONLY.  This information is not to be used in any way beyond the shipping of the product.

Now for the more complex piece,  Credit Card information.  I am happy to say that at ACK we take your Credit Card information very serious.  We use the toughest encryption when transmitting the credit card information to our processor and as of today we no longer store any of the data on our servers.  That’s right, we can have an all out assault and hack into our system and your information is still secure.  How is this?  Well, without going into too much detail we have moved to a system that allows us to reference your card information in our Processors system, thus they store the information and we merely reference it, this means that if you save your card to your account on our site you are not storing your card number with us, you are merely telling us to reference it in the future.  I know, that isn’t necessary easy to understand, what is easy to understand is that we do not store your credit card information.  What we do store is the last four digits of the card number so we can tell you which card you put it on, but past that we have no knowledge of the card itself.

Hopefully this helps to make everyone feel that much safer and I sure hope that other sites rely on similar technologies to protect user data, there is no need to keep the data local and with “cloud” systems on their way this will become just that much more important.

–Peter @ ACK