While we at ACK believe that having the best possible price is important it is unrealistic to think that someone out there will not have a lower price. We strive to maintain a grasp on what is going on in the Internet world and check our prices as often as we can and adjust quite frequently, however, there are often times that someone finds a price that is lower or that is perceived as lower.

Because pricing is so competitive we will match any advertised everyday price.a

What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that in most instances we cannot match sale prices, it is difficult to compete with someone who is going out of business or out of season and selling their goods at 50% off to liquidate. Price matching this is just not something that is feasible.

The second important factor is in-stock status. We match prices only when the other merchant has the goods in stock. You see, it is real easy to advertise a price of an item you don’t actually carry and may not actually have any intention of carrying.  We believe that “out of stock prices” are invalid since you cannot actually buy it at that price. Sure they might order it for you, but we have it in stock and ready to go. If you don’t mind waiting it might make sense to order through the out of stock dealer, of course you do have to ask yourself why they are out of stock, how long it will take and how reputable the store is.

The last factor that goes into price matching is shipping. We offer free shipping on accessory orders over $39. This is unprecedented in the marketplace, most have their cut-offs (if they even offer free shipping) at $50 or $75. What does this mean for price matching? Well we will match the final price. This means that someone that has a product for $5 less but their shipping is $14.95 is not actually less, they are $10 more. It does get a bit complicated when someone is asking us to match a price when the shipping is not apples to apples. We do our best to try to accommodate but if a retailer prices all their items $5 less but charges $5 more for shipping is it really cheaper?

In the end it is all about service and selection with a very competitive price, however, if you do find something for less you should go one step further and see if it really is less. So many retailers offer what appears to be something cheaper that actually turns out to be more expensive through hidden charges and shipping costs. It is prudent to always validate the total final cost when your decision is based solely on price.

I will leave you with this, price isn’t the end-all be-all. I personally look for the lowest price and then weigh the price difference between the lowest and what I consider to be reputable stores. I will not stray to a second rate store for just a $1 or $2, it just isn’t worth it. This is why our reputation at ACK is of the utmost importance to us, we listen to our customers and we do what is necessary to ensure everyone has a great shopping experience.

–Peter @ACK