When you think of a boat show you probably expect to see thirty eight foot yachts with powerful motors, ski boats with loud stereo systems, the best bass fishing boats, or maybe even some custom sail boats. What you might not expect to see is Austin Canoe & Kayak. It is common to think that boats at boat shows are mostly those which are powered by motors. Once you visit a boat show and see Austin Canoe & Kayak’s booth, you can’t help but be drawn in. Our impressive assortment of kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards are quite unique in the sense that our boats are mostly powered by people.

We often like using the phrase “The Ultimate Skinny Water Boats”. This is a great definition highlighting the advantages and versatility of the boats we sell. Kayak fishing is a great example of how kayaks are used to access areas otherwise inaccessible by motor boats. This type of fishing is on the rise. There are so many obscure coves and concealed waterways that are now being discovered with the use of kayaks. We are consistently hearing positive feedback from our customers on their kayaking experiences. It is quite frequent that we hear of lucrative fishing trips where bounties of fish have been corralled using boats that have been outfitted by ACK.

Fishing is just one of the many aspects we are involved in as seen at the Boat Shows. We display Paddle Power kayaks, Peddle Power Kayaks, Sail Power Kayaks, and Stand Up Paddle Boards. All of these water activity craft are not only great fun, but great exercise. We enjoy talking with all of the people who came to visit us at the boat shows. We not only interacted with the expert, but the novice as well. It was great seeing many of our fellow vendors come by to visit and explore our booth. We appreciate all of your interest.

The boat show is always one of our favorite events of the year. It allows us the opportunity to showcase many of our great products as well as interact with the customers we so very much appreciate. We make a point every year to ensure that your visit with us is fun and memorable. Like we do every year, we had a raffle that only cost one dollar to enter. The winner received a brand new kayak at the Houston and Austin shows.  The San Antonio Boat Show will be no different. In addition to the raffle, we had a bean bag toss to win an ACK t-shirt. This game drew in a lot of players anxious to try their skills at the toss. We ended up having many skilled bean bag players winning t-shirts. That was great to see, and we were happy to outfit everyone in ACK t-shirts.

To all of those who came to see us at the Boat Shows, Thank You! To all that are coming to San Antonio we look forward to seeing you.  To all who missed us, please come see us at one of our many other events!

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