This is Doug from the San Marcos store and I wanted to get in on the blog action. Last Friday night December 4th 2009 I attended a Great Christmas party held by The Alamo City Rivermen a canoe and kayak club in San Antonio.  It was a pot luck style party, so I brought some warm biscuits to share with everyone. The party was held at the VFW post 76. This was a really neat place,  it’s the oldest VFW post in Texas. The post used to be a Victorian style home with a huge veranda.  The party was in the upstairs party room.

The members include all age groups, all skill levels, and all types of paddling.  Some of the members participate in races including the Texas Water Safari. They are most fond of camping paddle trips, where they share a communal Dutch oven meal.

I had the opportunity to meet so many great people.  They had a table set up loaded with pictures from their last outing. The pictures were gorgeous. They looked like they were taken by a professional with a very expensive camera. The pictures were from this past Thanksgiving Holiday weekend out on the Rio Grande. The landscape was beautiful and I recognized a number of the people in the pictures sitting near me in the room. This was nice to see, and made it easy for me to mingle amongst the various people there who participated in the Rio Grande trip. It sure made me want to take that same trip next time they go. One of the pictures was of a steak dinner cooked on the Dutch oven. They really did some good eating on that trip, pretty fancy for camping.  They had a lot of camping gear with them.  I would like to bring a HobiePro Angler on a trip and carry all their gear next time!

All in all it was a great party . The people were very nice and the venue was spectacular.