At ACK almost nothing is as important as getting you the right product in the fastest possible time.  We continue to hold stock levels that are unparalleled in the Kayak Retail Industry but stock is only one factor in the equation.  While product availability is great we have gone one step further in differentiating ourselves from others out there.

First, last month we released an updated cut-off for all accessory shipments, now allowing orders of in-stock items up to 5pm CST.  We have worked with our shipping companies to arrange for late pickups and have streamlined our order processing to ensure that any in-stock order that is received before 5pm CST ships that day, two more hours of order time.  Kayak order cut-off has been moved to 3:30pm CST, an additional hour and a half.

Today we are pleased to announce the addition of UPS as one of our shipping providers.  We continue to ship using FedEx but with the addition of UPS we now are estimating the delivery date and choosing the provider based on the fastest delivery in order to get you your order even faster.  This significantly increases the number of packages delivered in 2-3 days as UPS/FedEx have very varying maps for the 2-3 day window.

Additionally, since FedEx delivers residential on Saturday and UPS on Monday it allows us to cut off significant time on packages that would have shipped on FedEx and been delivered on Tuesday, they will now deliver on Monday via UPS.

We continue to evaluate other ways to increase the speed and service of everything we do, if you have suggestions, post on up comments.