I’m always ready to try a new type of kayaking experience so when our local paddler meetup group posted up a trip for shooting a few miles of rapids on a local river I signed right up. Our trip was planned for 8 miles on the Guadalupe River above the Guadalupe River State Park north of San Antonio, TX.

Early Saturday morning about 14 members showed up and we ferried our cars and kayaks and got on the river as quick as we could. There was a wide assortment of both experience in the paddlers and the kayaks we were in. We had an assortment of whitewater kayaks, sit on tops, and canoe hybrids. The river was on a slight rise and we encountered some nice class 1 borderline class 2 rapids. Just about everyone took a tumble into the river at some point but other than a few scrapes and bruises no serious injuries. I think we all came out in the end with some quality personal lessons learned and a good experience to look back on. I encourage everyone to look for the opportunity to get out and try a new outing on your kayaks with a new group of people.”