Here at ACK we are quite proud of our service, our speed, our selection, but one thing that truly separates us from others is how we achieve all this while using a recycling program that is a win for everyone, it helps us keep our costs down all while keeping tons and tons of waste out of landfills.

We never realized how much we were saving or what the impact to society was until we came across the City of Austin’s WasteSMART, once we began the certification process we soon realized what we were doing for ourselves and for society. This is an exciting recognition on multiple fronts and with it I wanted to share some of the ways we help everyone involved:

– 100% Recycling of all plastic bubble wrap (both in terms of reuse internally and straight recycling)
– 100% Recycling of all manufacturer defective kayaks.
– 100% Recycling of all inbound boxes. Many of you have received “Ugly Boxes” these are our reused boxes

It doesn’t really stop there. In addition to the recycling efforts, we go one step further in the community.

– Our paper packing material is received from the Austin Statesman newspaper, we take the end of their paper rolls that they can no longer use
– Not all of our Ugly Boxes are ours, believe it or not, we have deals with local retailers to take boxes off their hands, boxes that otherwise were thrown away
– Dumpster Diving, yup, at our Austin store we routinely dive in the dumpster for cardboard, it is a precious commodity.

So, next time your order an item look to see if it is an “Ugly Box”, this is a sure sign it was recycled and be sure to recycle it yourself. Additionally, if you get a random newspaper article, read it, it might be interested…if just plain white paper, well, you missed it by just a few feet on the roll.

We are very proud of these efforts and we continue to look for ways to improve with our reuse and recycle program and don’t be surprised if you want to stop by for some bubble wrap or paper and we try to charge you, our trash is like gold to us.

You can see more information about the City’s program here: