The first time a kayak hits the water it will get some scratches and scrapes on it. Over time a well used kayak will be littered with scuffs and scrapes. It’s part of owning a kayak. Even brand new kayaks will have scuffs and scrapes right out of the wrapper. The kayaks are made in places like South Carolina, California and Washington. Over the course of time they will bump into things in storage and transportation. This is normal and to be expected of kayaks from any kayak manufacturer. The only way to get a kayak without a single ding or scratch is to get the guys that guard the Stanley cup to protect and deliver the kayak. The guardians of the cup will probably get miffed the first time you scoot over a sand bar though.

The point of this message is to inspect your new kayak thoroughly when purchasing but remember that if the scratches aren’t affecting the integrity of the kayak it’s just one of what will be a thousand scratches in your kayaks future.