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The Wilderness Systems Tarpon. Seems pretty straightforward, right? WRONG! Well, the kayaks themselves aren’t too difficult to understand, but there are just a ton of options that can definitely seem intimidating at first glance. As of this writing, there are currently 15 Tarpon kayaks and Tarpon Packages on Let us guide you through to finding the right one to match your needs.

Tarpon 100

Tarpon 100

First up is the Tarpon 100. This will come in 4 flavors. The base kayak by itself, the Angler variant, the deluxe package, and the fishing package. Let’s start by covering the Tarpon 100 by itself. The Tarpon 100 is a great mid level, multipurpose sit on top kayak. It is well suited to ponds, calm lakes, bays, small rivers, and even light surf.  It is ideal for those who want a kayak that can be used in multiple different ways, but is still easy to store. The angler version includes the base kayak as well as two Railblaza Flush Starport Rod Bases, one Railblaza HD Track Mount Rod Holder Base, 2 Railblaza Rod Holders, and an anchor kit. There are also two packages. The Deluxe Package is the base kayak with a paddle, paddle leash, and a life jacket. It’s basically the one stop shop package for getting out on the water without having to overthink your purchase. The Fishing package includes the angler version of the Tarpon and also comes with a paddle, paddle leash, and a fishing life jacket.

Tarpon 120

Next is the Tarpon 120. It will have the same 4 versions as the 100, but scaled up to the 120 size. Simple, right? The Tarpon 120 is going to be faster out on the water and more stable, meaning you can tackle larger bodies of water than the 100 with more ease. Lakes, rivers, bays, and surf are all great places to take the Tarpon 120. There is also the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Kayak Heroes on the Water Edition, which is a special version with a Heroes on the Water decal. $75 from each of this version purchased is donated to Heroes on the Water, a charity that helps veterans recover through paddling.

Tarpon 140

Stepping up in size is the Tarpon 140. This only has two versions; Base and Angler, though you can still build your own package. The Tarpon 140 is a bit harder to store, at 14 feet long, but will give you a big improvement on tracking, speed, and stability. This is best suited for larger lakes, bays, and surf.

Tarpon 160

Last for the regular Tarpon line is the 160. This is the big boy of the family. At 16 feet long, this is the longest and fastest kayak in the Tarpon line. Available in either Base, Angler, or in a build your own package, the Tarpon 160 is best suited for large lakes and ocean trips.

Tarpon 135T

Now for the ones that are a little different. First up here is the Tarpon 135T. It is somewhere between the the 120 and 140 in terms of stability and speed, but is a tandem kayak, meaning you can bring a friend out on the water with you. This is great for lakes, bays, and light surf.

Tarpon 130X


Finally, the Tarpon 130X. The 130X is the fishing specific build of the Tarpon family. It was built from the ground up with anglers in mind. The seat is upgraded to the AIRPro MAX Lite system for extra comfort and the Flexpod OS electronics console can be swapped out with the Helix MD Motor Drive to convert the paddle kayak into a motor kayak.

That’s all for now, but make sure to check out the videos going over each kayak and check out the Tarpon that suits you best.

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