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360-Drive Technology

Six years in the making, the 360-Drive technology will no doubt prove to be worth the wait. Enabling full 360-degree movement – forward, backwards, sideways, diagonal – the 360-Drive tech gives anglers more mobility than ever before. The 360-Drive allows for precise boat control in tight quarters, allowing surgical-level accuracy previously unheard of. Hold an exact location and direction even in heavy winds and currents, never wasting another moment having to reposition and potentially missing out on that big catch. No matter the depth, obstacle or weather, the 360-Drive puts you in position to make the perfect cast and presentation to the fish every time – meaning less hassle and more bites.

Hobie Pro Angler 14 360
Hobie Pro Angler 12 360

Kick-Up Fins

Tired of damaged propulsion systems, or losing out on fish because you can’t get to shallower waters? Hobie’s new Kick-Up Fins is the perfect solution. Never worry about clearing submerged rocks or logs again, as your boat’s fins will simply fold up upon impact, automatically retracting and then extending back out once the obstacle is cleared. Give yourself peace of mind while simultaneously opening up your angling to new and unexplored waters.

Hobie Outback
Hobie Compass Camo
Hobie Pro Angler 12
Hobie Pro Angler 14
Hobie Revolution 13
Hobie Compass
Hobie Compass Duo
Hobie Oasis
Hobie Adventure Island

The All-New Passport

Whether you’re gunning for the big catch or simply exploring new waters, the 2020 Hobie Mirage Passport 12 is equipped for the job. Using the world-renowned MirageDrive Classic pedal propulsion system, the Passport 12 moves with a combination of authority and ease. Its simple controls make it a prime choice for boaters of all experience levels, and the easy customization options allows you rig it up exactly the way you like it. A wider cockpit area with EVA-padded platform and spacious cargo areas on the bow and stern, as well as the center Twist-n-Seal hatch, offer flexibility for all of your water-bound adventures. See everything the new Hobie Passport 12 has to offer today.

Hobie Mirage Passport 12
Hobie Mirage Passport 10.5
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