"So when my kayak arrived I helped the driver unload and asked him to wait while I inspected it. First thing that was noticed was the packaging. It took me about 5 minutes to unwrap it, and yes a knife was used. The driver said he has never seen a kayak packaged so well. Usually the kayak has just a thin plastic sheet wrapped around it like a garbage bag. This one had cardboard in places protecting the sensitive areas, a thick layer of bubble wrap, and 2 more layers of plastic. Needless to say the kayak was flawless along with all the other accessories that I bought with it. I was a little uneasy about ordering a kayak online and having to deal with the shipping and probable damage but there was none and my experience with ACK could not have been better." -Ryan O. 5-28-2014
"I have done business with Austin Kayak for approx. 4 years. In the past 4 years I have become accustomed to finding premium products at the best prices with immediate shipping. However, I can find kayak fishing accessories anywhere in the world via the technology available to me. I continue to use ACK due to the customer service both on-line and on the telephone. The employees at ACK are second to none and it is because of these people that ACK will continue to provide to me the gear that I use across the country." -Stephen W. 5-5-2014
"ACK called the day after I made my order online. I ordered a few other items and they got included in some shipment. Nalu arrived in great shape with no damage that I can see. Outer cardboard box had worn through at large middle skeg on bottom of Nalu board, but inner packaging layers were not breached and board was undamaged. Packaging of board exceeded my expectations. ACK should continue with that level of thoroughness, it eased my worries of getting it shipped to my house. Now, as soon as weather allows I will be a paddlin' fool! But it snowed here in Kentucky yesterday, April 15th! Yowza!" -Joe W. 4-17-2014
"Chase and Carlos were extremely helpful in helping me to find the correct parts and went out of their way to ensure my satisfaction. I order ALOT online and to be able to find this type of customer service nowadays is a rare treat. This is why I will always order my yak accessories from ACK." -Roger S. 4-3-2014
"Overall great experience! I live in Northern Indiana about 45 minutes from Lake Michigan and have plenty of retailers to choose from when it comes to purchasing water sport items. I keep coming back to Austin because of the great service, products offered and the availability of products. Keep it up guys!" -Anonymous 3-26-2014
"Austin Kayak is one of the best online purchase I have experience in awhile. I purchase the same item twice within 5 minutes and was contacted by Chase to confirm if I had made a mistake which I didn't. But it was nice to have someone contacted me right away for verification and I was shock to order something at around 4pm and get it the next morning with free shipping and the price was just right." -Andy T. 3-24-2014
"Phenomenal svc! They called me to ck. my address and ask if everything was ok. I never had that happen with an online purchase. I'm blown away by the top quality of the company, website and fair deals. Had a good feeling and these guys proved it beyond my expectations. These guys are real pros. This is how buisness needs to be done more in this country." -Anthony G. 3-20-2014
"My first purchase with Austin Kayak was Native Slayer 12 kayak. I purchased online on a Tuesday morning and by Friday afternoon the kayak arrived. I was very impressed with the way this boat had been wrapped with three layers of protection including cardboard protection for the hull. This is the way it should be done. I will highly recommend Austin Canoe and Kayak to everyone. Outstanding experience." -Danny E. 3-16-2014
"Great customer service. I called on a Sunday morning to ask a question about another product and realizing it was Sunday, was about to hang up thinking there would be no business hours. I was surprised when a VERY cheerful and helpful woman answered the phone and then proceeded to answer all of my questions. Knowing where I was calling from she wished me well and safe travels because of the pending snow storm in my area. Great customer service and I will be returning as a customer. Thank you." -Steve G. 3-4-2014
"Easy purchase, brand names of items and good assortment of kayaking items.Sales person was very co-operative and was willing to go to the warehouse to get exact measurements of the rubber kayak hatch covers for me right at that instance and returned quickly with sizes that I wanted to hear. Austin Kayak will be one of my favorite online stores.... " -Victor C. 2-28-2014
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