"Great online experience. Also, was in Austin, TX a few weeks ago an stopped in and purchased two kayak paddles in the store. Employees were very helpful and explained things in detail. " -William 12-1-2016
"Overall my experience has been outstanding! I have visited the store as well as online shopping experience. Great staff, very helpful. Online buying has been great. Thanks for all the great products you make available to the consumer. Your products are always the best in the industry. I am thankful for the selections on all equipment and apparel you have made available to the public. Thanks ACK!" -Emmanuel 11-30-2016
"Austin kayak is always pleasant to buy from. I have bought 3 kayaks multiple paddles and life jackets in the past two years. Will buy from again." -Adam 11-21-2016
"I have ordered items twice from Austin Kayak in the last two weeks, one on-line and one over the phone. When ordering over the phone the sales person was very helpful and the on-line order was fast and simple. Great Job ACK !!! AAA+." -Jack H. 11-14-2016
"I don't think twice about ordering from ACK. I have found the company to have good product selection, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service." -Michael 11-10-2016
"This is my favorite place to order gear and supplies for my kayak. Has tons of product information and great prices to match. There customer service is also excellent. The one time i had an issue they were quick to resolve the issue. Wishing there was a store near me so I may work there." -Charles 10-27-2016
"I love how ACK always has the parts in stock for my kayak and always at a reasonable price. The website is easy to navigate, fast and checkout is a breeze. " -Joel B. 10-18-2016
"ACK is a great site with outstanding customer service. I have used this site since I have gotten into kayaking and could not be happier with my experiences with them." -Craig 10-18-2016
"Best customer service around. They actually have a live, English speaking person answer the phone who knows what they are talking about. Not a series of prompts to navigate in order to get to a person in another country that speaks broken English." -Bradley 10-12-2016
"Ack is an outstanding kayak service with excellent service and friendly staff. I would recommend ACK to other kayak friends." -Ethel A. 10-5-2016
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