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"Love doing business with ACK. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. They took the time to help my daughter pick out the right kayak to serve her multi- use needs." -Curt 8-15-2017
"A great site with easy shopping and check out! I was able to find exactly what I was looking for, change my order, and check out seamlessly. There was even a video with information on the product that made me extremely comfortable with my purchase. I'll definitely be shopping here in the future." -Murphy 8-15-2017
"I was so stressed when I ordered my OK Trident 11 last year worrying about what shape it would be in when it arrived in CT. I WAS AMAZED when it arrived in perfect condition totally wrapped in several layers that took me 1/2 hr to unwrap, which is a good thing. Austin Kayak is so awesome. I'm a customer for life!" -Beverly 5-12-2017
"Thanks for running a business that helps us get outside to enjoy the best parts of this life with family & friends and for hiring staff that is obsessed with the same. You folks are making the world a better place." -Jesse 5-8-2017
"I just ordered paddles yesterday and they are already halfway to my front door! Tracking says they'll be here tomorrow! You all are awesome. I'll be kayaking (in a kayak from ACK) with new paddles this weekend! Thanks!" -Sandra 5-8-2017
"Thanks for providing great products at a competitive price, ACK. Making my sea kayak more enjoyable one purchase at a time." -William 5-8-2017
"I am happy to find a dedicated kayak merchant with a wide range of accessories specifically for fishing and for Hobie. The staff is pleasant and the website is easy to use. I will purchase from Austin kayak again." -Travis 4-10-2017
"Customer service is excellent. They add a personal touch that makes the online shopping experience feel like you know them as a friend." -Llyod 3-30-2017
"This was a great experience and I love that the website indicated my order would likely ship the same day. I live in Boise, so I'm hoping for my package to arrive by the end of the week. They had a great selection of products at great competitive prices. Thanks! " -Liz 3-7-2017
"The ACK handy newsletter listed the handy video about seasonal prep of my kayak and the 303 protectant. The ACK website also reminded me about the paddle grips. The prices were reasonable and there were no extra shipping charges. From previous purchases to ACK, I know the shipping is fast and accurate." -Ned 2-20-2017
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