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Looking for some help picking out the perfect boat? While perfection is hard to achieve we attempt to help you narrow down your search? Answer the questions below, the more you answer the more we can narrow down the best kayaks for your needs.

Should you have any questions about the kayaks you can always reach us at 888-828-3828 or by emailing us at

If you have any feedback on how this select could be better assist you, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Kayak Attributes
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Single or Tandem?
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What type kayak do you prefer?
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What is the primary use of the kayak?
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What type of water will the kayak be primarily used on?
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What length kayak do you want?
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Is kayak speed important?
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Is kayak stability important?
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Approximate Price Range
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Weight Capacity
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What type of propulsion
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Please note: The ACK Kayak Selector is a work in progress and we are always open to suggestions that will improve its functionality. Feel free to send comments, ideas, and suggestions to

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