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AT Paddles River Carbon Kayak Paddle - Discontinued

AT Paddles River Carbon Kayak Paddle - Discontinued

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This product has been discontinued. Don't worry, we have more Whitewater Paddles.
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ACK Review: The AT4 river C has huge blades that helps you carve up the roughest water and still rock the house on open water. It is major league light for extended paddling comfort.
Customer Rating: 4.0 of 5
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This paddle wasn't quite for me. I tried it because it has greater blade area than any other paddle in its material/price class (perhaps in ANY material/price class), and the huge blades really do power you through rough water. However, while the make of the paddle feels solid enough to chop a bear in half, I wasn't so impressed with the actual blade material. It's flakey around the edges, such that frequent impact with sharp rocks could prove problematic. Also, the blades that move water also hold water - they will drench you even if the waves surrounding you do not, so be ready to take a lot of water over the top of your boat paddling with this blade. Don't think you can add drip rings to help the problem - you can't. I added full-sized WildWasser rings to each end (tricky given the thickness of the shaft) and no water ever touched the shaft - it's too quickly racing off the end of that lower blade's inner curl right onto YOU. The bent shaft is agreeable to use, but the center seal is pretty dang sloppy looking, and the points at which the shaft ends met inside looked slightly off-center through the rubber seal on the particular paddle I got. I prefer Werner paddles (great thing you can get those through ACK, too), but only took one of the stars away from this critter for the blades' and shaft seal's semi-cheapness and for the drenching issue because THIS PADDLE MOVES WATER - it's simply the most powerful blade I can find.
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