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Black Diamond Bbee Daypack - Clearance

Black Diamond Bbee Daypack - Clearance

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Customer Rating: 4.0 of 5
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Brent Baldwin
The utility of many daypacks is compromised by having excessive capacity and too many unnecessary features. Sometimes, smaller and simpler is better, and the Bbee Daypack takes "small and simple" about as far as a committed day hiker would want it to go. I have not used mine a lot yet, but it has had a good workout. It appears well put together, and even though the pack is small (only 690 cubic inches), the straps should be long enough to allow it to fit a normal adult comfortably. It rides well on my back, although if you carry hard- sided food containers like I do, a little more padding would be nice. The shoulder straps are neatly contoured, and if you don't need the waist belt, it can be easily removed and reinstalled. The back is padded, although, as noted above, the padding is pretty thin. I will probably cut a piece of foam to fit in the hydration pouch to give a little more padding when I don't carry a water bladder. There is a small, zippered pouch on the inside of the front panel which is big enough for your wallet and keys. The main compartment will easily hold a good sized water bottle and a thermos, your lunch, and a poncho. You can probably find a bit of space for some smaller odds and ends, like a folding trowel and a first aid kit, but if you want to carry much more than that, you'll need a bigger pack. The zipper appears to be one of the lighter, coil-type, and I would not want to stress it much by overfilling the pack. The Bbee Daypack probably won't hold a winter coat in addition to the other things you'll carry on a hike. Apart from a very small horizontal loop on each shoulder strap, here are no straps, daisy chains, lash patches, or pockets on the outside. If you want to tie something on the outside, about the only option is through the bike light slot, which actually works pretty well. This really is a pack for the minimalist. If that's what you want, you'll probably like it a lot.
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