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Riot Magnum 80 Kayak - Closeout

Riot Magnum 80 Kayak - Closeout

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Id been waiting for a sale to get a new Magnum to replace my old one. Also waiting to see if Riot from China would establish themselves in the US after the funny business w/Riot when it was in Quebec. They seem to be making inroads. That aside, the plastic seems fine, the logos are printed rather than molded cost cutting, I expect, outfitting is pretty much the same as the Quebec-made one. The quality control seems a little off: my seat rails were mounted crooked, so theyre off by one hole if the seat is straight and centered. It was delivered with both sides in the middle holes and seat cocked. Took me a while to figure it out-- felt tighter on one side and the pillar was offset. Now its fine. Magnum is a great design, I hope the mfring gets it together. Thanks ACK for the bargain, regardless.
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