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Yakima SkyBox 18 Rooftop Cargo Box

Yakima SkyBox 18 Rooftop Cargo Box

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Customer Rating: 4.0 of 5
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2000 miles, 3 adults, 2 teenage boys, 2 pups and a cat in a Honda Odyssey. We packed the Skybox full (maybe a little over full) of luggage, bedding and 50# of pecans. That left plenty of room inside for everyone and a cooler. The Skybox performed outstanding. As expected, it was difficult to unlock when it was over stuffed and would not lock until all three latch points were completely engaged. We drove in winds (head wind, tail wind, and cross wind) of up to 30 MPH with little change in the van's normal handling under equal conditions. The drop in fuel efficiency is hard to calculate due to the driving conditions but I estimate it at a 5-10% drop. Not as bad as expected. Don't unlock and open both sides at the same time! It is hard to do but we had to see what would happen. Not the best idea. Don't do it. We are going to use it to store fishing gear under our travel trailer at the lake when not traveling in the van. I clamped it to a couple of axles with small wheels to roll it in and out from under the trailer. Overall, it was money well spent. THANKS!
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