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Wilderness Systems Commander 140 Kayak - 2014 Closeout

Wilderness Systems Commander 140 Kayak - 2014 Closeout

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This product has been discontinued. Don't worry, we have more Sit-on-Top & Sit Inside Kayaks.
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ACK Review: The Commander 140 is very comfortable and has plenty of open space. I was looking for a kayak that I could stand up in to sight cast for redfish and this kayak is perfect. It is very stable and the open cock pit allows for an easy transition from sitting to standing. I am a “big guy” at 295 lbs but moving around in this kayak to access gear is not a problem. Pros:Jerron at the Houston store told me the Commander cuts through the water like a knife and he was right on point. My previous kayak was a Hobie Quest which was difficult for me to control without a rudder in windy conditions. My Commander tracks extremely well and appears to paddle just as efficient as my Quest. Last but definitely not least I have to mention the smart track system. The guide rails allow for multiple rigging options without having to drill holes in the kayak. I installed a stake-out stick holder and anchor trolley in very little time and if I decide to move (or remove) them later I can do so without patching holes in my boat. Again, I have to mention how easy it is to stand in this kayak. When I looked at the pictures of the Commander on the internet, I was concerned about where I would place my feet while standing. I thought that perhaps my ankles would be at odd or uncomfortable angles due to the dual tunnel hull design. But I was wrong, there is plenty of room to place your feet adjacent the tunnels which also helps to brace your calves against the sides for stability. Cons: The only drawback to the Commander Series kayaks is they are not designed to fish the surf. It is great for the bays and calm waters of a slow river or lake but I would not take it out in the surf because it is not self bailing (no scupper holes). I imagine it could fill with water faster than one could pump or bail it out. One more thing to note, this is a wide kayak with high sides which can make paddling difficult for smaller people. I had my wife try it out and she had a difficult time paddling because she had to keep her arms elevated at an uncomfortable angle to make contact with the water.
Customer Rating: 4.0 of 5
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Just got one and have gone out twice. Very stable not as fast as my native magic 14.5ft SOT but only slightly slower. Easy to load on trailer and carry to water. Comfortable to paddle from seat or commanders perch. Will get lots of use this summer and fall.
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