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Native Watercraft Mariner 10 Propel Kayak - Discontinued 2014

Native Watercraft Mariner 10 Propel Kayak - Discontinued 2014

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This product has been replaced by Native Watercraft Slayer 10 Propel Kayak .
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ACK Review: The Native Mariner 10 Propel Kayak has been a long awaited entry onto the kayaking scene to compete with the Hobie Mirage brand of kayaks. However the propulsion system is a little bit different in it's fixed propeller version. The Mariner propel went with me on a recent fishing trip to Lady Bird Lake. I was impressed with the speeds that I could achieve while leisurely peddling and the trolling feature was awesome. The drive allows you to go forward and backwards without making any adjustments. The steering system is conveniently located while your peddling but I wish there was a way to engage a foot operated rudder system. I have the same issue with the Hobie kayaks but some day someone will come up with something. All in all I was really impressed with the ease of setup and the use. I did get to pedaling to hard and broke the retainer clip. Native sent a new one out in a week.
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As a fishing kayak this one is tough to beat. Hands are free to fish while your feet move you around or hold you in position if there is current/wind. Do not underestimate the advantage of being able to back up (very nice feature!). Have used it half a dozen times and have had zero issues. Solidly made. You can stand and fish but it takes a little practice to get comfortable with it. Would recommend getting a paddle to make launching/landing on the beach a little easier.
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