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Mountain Hardwear Snow and Sand Tent Anchor - 4 pack

Mountain Hardwear Snow and Sand Tent Anchor - 4 pack

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ACK Review: Last time I was camping at the coast, I was caught in a heavy wind storm that threatened to blow my entire campsite to the next state. Thankfully, I had planned for this and used my Snow and Sand Tent Anchors from Mountain Hardwear. They come in a pack of four, one for each tent corner and are easy to use. I just grabbed a couple of handfuls of sand, poured it all into the pouch, cinched it shut, and attached it to the tent and then buried the anchors. The anchors held firm through the entire storm. I have yet to try them on a snow surface. I would hope the hold is the same, I don't see why it wouldn't. If you have a snowy experience leave your notes. Make sure you wash the anchors after a trip it's real easy to forget and find them all dingy the next trip out.
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Impressive. Used a short stubby shovel @ the beach to dig maybe a foot down, attached one of these to a tie-down and buried it so the loops of the anchor were just an inch or so above ground. Used to hold up Kelty tarp poles that were exposed to seriously strong coastal wind. The anchors were consistently pulled, really hard, by unforgiving beach wind for hours - worked like a champ.
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