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GoPro Helmet HERO HD Wide 1080p Video Camera

GoPro Helmet HERO HD Wide 1080p Video Camera

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ACK Review: The GoPro Helmet cameras are a pretty slick unit for capturing your adventures. The cool thing about this Hero HD Wide 1080p Video Camera is if your shooting from a secondary location in HD then you will also be able to capture the 1st person shots in HD as well. We've got some great customers at the SMX store that put together videos on their adventures to Mexico. The close up shots weren't matching the hand held shots of the adventure. The got the GoPro cam because it fight their style and needs for the events.
Customer Rating: 5.0 of 5
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Absolutely Amazing camera at a very good price. The under water function worked perfectly and the videos came out amazing. As advertised, the wide angle capture will make the edges of the image curve a bit. This can easily be corrected using a video editing software. I'm not sure which software packages can and can't I just know that some do. Shockproof housing works great, the camera has been shot by numerous paintballs and it doesn't even effect the video. All you notice is the sound of the paintball hitting the camera. Sound quality is also amazing. Even in the waterproof housing the camera can still pick up the sound of voices. I would recommend this camera to anyone and everyone looking to capture underwater video, or to anyone who wants to capture action sports moments in paintball, surfing... anything where a normal camera couldn't go. An easy 5 stars.
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