MSR Fuel Pump
MSR Fuel Pump
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ACK Review: The MSR Fuel Pump was designed to be as easy to use out in the wilderness as using your home stove. I was really impressed with the fuel pump on our test camp with it's durability and ease of use.
Customer Rating: 4.0 of 5
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I bought this as a replacement for my previous pump that lasted 10 years before I had finally beat it to death carrying it around in my pack. Actually it was still working but cracked in several places so I figured it was finally time to replace it. This new one works seamlessly with my old stove and performs better than the old one since it regulates better at the simmer level. (Still not GREAT at low simmer but GOOD enough - hence only 4 of 5 stars). If this one proves half as durable I will be thrilled!
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